Results Pictures!

So I completed the 30 day “bear” of a program called, “Asylum – Volume 1: Sports Performance and I tracked my  photos and results (before and after). I also recorded a video clip of a part of one workout where I do long jumps (wow, brings back fond memories of my long jump days back in high school – that was in 1984).  My goals here were not to lose weight – just gain strength and conditioning. So here are my before and after pictures over the 30 days – – not much of a time span for pictures but still all good! Working on those abs and gaining some strength as well!

Stilll sportin' a summer tan

Still smiling.

And here are my conditioning results – – this Fit Test is TOUGH and I ‘m so happy I stuck with it!!!  Yet no matter where I was at -I just had to do the best where I was at (even if I needed to pause sometimes, even if I wanted to stop but didn’t). I am building the foundation of my fitness, my body, my health during each workout – using correct form. And as I found out from monitoring my fitness results – I gained big results for me!

Here is a look at a video clip from one of the workouts – – Vertical Plyo and the first move in the workout are these long jumps. I have long legs and previous experience jumping long, so I was able to jump the entire ladder (it’s 5 feet, 7 inches long) so that was my best for me (others may need to fold the ladder back one rung – – doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing your best with good form – – this builds the foundation and conditioning!).

My Take-Away from this? A couple things:
1. You won’t know unless you go. Go try something you may initially think, “there’s no way I could do that!” I had seen this program while I was completing Insanity (the precursor program to this one) and Insanity is tough too so I was initially like, “ahh, no way!” But in time I decided TO GO FOR IT. And look what I got . . .

2. I got unexpected joy and lots of high-fives for myself for sticking with it, completing it and doing it well! I was pretty nervous the first week of these new workouts – – nervous anticipation.

3. And finally – get your mind aligned and your body will gladly follow. Love this quote: “Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts.” ~Deepak Chopra M.D. So make those thoughts positive, patient, compassionate – – you are your own personal trainer!


Beach Tides: a Reflection on Fitness

My sister and I had gone to the beach and had a fun time with my son and his buddy. When we got there we saw that the tide was way out – far out on the flat sandy shore. Was the tide still going out? Was it coming back in? We guessed what it might be doing and just went on with our fun – swimming in the refreshing waves, making drip castles, digging holes in the sand, having lunch. Nice time in the sun and water. We don’t check the time when we’re on the beach having a good time – no need when you’re on beach time!

Time did pass – we even took a long walk down the beach, exploring tide pools and rocks and more swimming in the waves. We made it back to our spot on the beach after our walk of a mile or so down the beach and back. I looked out at the water and noticed, surprisingly, the tide was still out – – I had thought it had been on its way back in up towards high tide, but apparently when we got to the beach earlier in the day it must have been making its way out still, even though it looked like it was out far enough. The waves come in one after the other and in that continuous flow the tide somehow gets lower and lower until it then makes its way back towards high tide, wave after wave after wave. I suppose those waves after waves make the changing of the tides not so obvious.

And it was then that I noticed an insight – regarding the waves and the flow of the tides – to health and fitness (well, these two things are big on my mind most often all the time!). The extremes of the tides change in the subtlest way, despite the fact that the waves crest and push into shore so much more often – – and it was this fact that reminded me of how fitness can be similar, as well as weight loss goals or any other goal for that matter. Though we commit to regular, daily workouts or better eating choices at every meal for an ultimate goal of better health, the changes can be so subtle – so much so that it seems nothing is changing – just like the subtle changing of the tides – that time in between – from one extreme (low) to the other (high). Fitness and weight loss – the changes can be so subtle in between the time we make big changes and efforts to the time when our ultiimate goal is reached (often months and months later). The ultimate change will happen with consistency (one wave after the other, one workout, one nutritious meal after the other).

It also made me more hopeful of all the efforts I’ve been putting in to my fitness goals. Hey, the small waves keep coming and going and eventually create a change in the tides – I am doing the same; faith in the process! I’ve been working on a regular schedule of daily workout routines with 1 rest day each week and have been challenged quite a bit with my ability to push harder than I’d like. It can be tough, especially mentally, to stick with the effort needed to push it to get to where I want to go. It’s not going to happen with one workout or one week or even one 90 day round! It will happen with consistency of effort and I must say that I can truly say with the invested time I’ve done thus far (at the time of this writing I was almost through 1 round of Insanity – 60 days) I can say with certainty I’m seeing some changes – though I’ve often doubted it was happening up to this point. But with this gift from the sea – gift of the waves, I can see subtle changes was something I needed to learn to see. Thanks, beach!!!