Results Pictures!

So I completed the 30 day “bear” of a program called, “Asylum – Volume 1: Sports Performance and I tracked my  photos and results (before and after). I also recorded a video clip of a part of one workout where I do long jumps (wow, brings back fond memories of my long jump days back in high school – that was in 1984).  My goals here were not to lose weight – just gain strength and conditioning. So here are my before and after pictures over the 30 days – – not much of a time span for pictures but still all good! Working on those abs and gaining some strength as well!

Stilll sportin' a summer tan

Still smiling.

And here are my conditioning results – – this Fit Test is TOUGH and I ‘m so happy I stuck with it!!!  Yet no matter where I was at -I just had to do the best where I was at (even if I needed to pause sometimes, even if I wanted to stop but didn’t). I am building the foundation of my fitness, my body, my health during each workout – using correct form. And as I found out from monitoring my fitness results – I gained big results for me!

Here is a look at a video clip from one of the workouts – – Vertical Plyo and the first move in the workout are these long jumps. I have long legs and previous experience jumping long, so I was able to jump the entire ladder (it’s 5 feet, 7 inches long) so that was my best for me (others may need to fold the ladder back one rung – – doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing your best with good form – – this builds the foundation and conditioning!).

My Take-Away from this? A couple things:
1. You won’t know unless you go. Go try something you may initially think, “there’s no way I could do that!” I had seen this program while I was completing Insanity (the precursor program to this one) and Insanity is tough too so I was initially like, “ahh, no way!” But in time I decided TO GO FOR IT. And look what I got . . .

2. I got unexpected joy and lots of high-fives for myself for sticking with it, completing it and doing it well! I was pretty nervous the first week of these new workouts – – nervous anticipation.

3. And finally – get your mind aligned and your body will gladly follow. Love this quote: “Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts.” ~Deepak Chopra M.D. So make those thoughts positive, patient, compassionate – – you are your own personal trainer!


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