Fillet of Fluffy?

I’ve been taking a college course this semester called Food Fundamentals and I am really enjoying it – which also includes a weekly cooking lab. In today’s class the topic was “Understanding Meats and Game”. In class the discussion started with the definition of meat as “the flesh of domestic animals and of wild game animals” and there was a slip of the tongue and a giggle when a clarification was made that this is not the same as “domesticated” animals (ie. pets).

Which got me wondering, what actually is the reason and difference? After all, it’s still meat – – but really, what is the difference from a domestic vs. a domesticated (potential) meat source?  There are some cultures that have no issue with cooking and eating animals that would seem unacceptable to most people I know (such as Fluffy the cat or dog) – yet chicken, beef, lamb and others are accepted. As I’ve started this journey to re-examine my food choices I see that for me, the difference is the personal connection and relationship we have with a pet animal vs.  more of a disconnect  with formerly living animals that have been processed to provide  meat for consumption.

I’ve always eaten meat and I’m not slamming those who do – – but in recent days I’ve started to see more of the connection to life and the ability to get nutrition from a variety of food sources that don’t need to include animal flesh. I never considered eating a cat or dog but I really never thought closer about other meats I had been consuming. But now I am.

I know that look of panic on a cat’s face and in its body when it feels trapped or in danger. I have felt the same feeling myself and it can be awful – and what a relief it is to get to a safe place. Now I find myself thinking about that meat in my grocery cart or on the plate – and think, what did this animal go through? and was it 100% necessary?  If I can get good nutrition from plant-based sources in place of animal flesh – why not explore that instead?

I’m a work in progress and I’m learning as I go. My journey continues.  A related quick read, and one opinion – but a good one to share (making more connections and decisions):


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  1. Really!?
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 17:19:00

    I agree. But, I love meat. i do. I dis-associate what it’s like for the animal, because my meat is packaged. That being said…I toy with the vegetarian option. But…I love meat. Hmmmm….


  2. takeawayfortoday
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 20:12:13

    Well – keep reading my posts and take this journey with me – – you can toy with the option of being vegetarian via me – LOL. This will be good! I too enjoy the taste of meat when it’s prepared well but with that in mind I’m finding that my focus is shifting and my attention is less on the taste and more on the process of what needs to occur in order for it to get to my plate – and that mindfulness is helping me see some new options.


  3. takeawayfortoday
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 23:06:13

    By the way – were you able to click on the link at the bottom of the post and read the info? – – talk about mindfulness – – an inside look into what else you may not realize is going into your body….


  4. Dave Simpson
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 13:02:20

    This blog is super sharp girl. Keep it up! I’m excited to see how this goes for you!


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