Fresh Pasta

Chef Julie shows the pasta pressing.

Today I had my weekly cooking lab for the Food Fundamentals class I’m taking. Today we utilized some cooking techniques such as sauteing, deglazing, reducing and we also got to make our own pasta from scratch! Here are some photos I took in class when our fabulous instructor demonstrated the art of using the pasta machine to flatten the dough and then to cut into desired shapes.

Final cutting into pasta strips.

Part of the recipe included sauteing bacon for flavor and I wasn’t completely keen on that (since we always eat the food we prepare each class) – and I was quite thankful when Chef Julie asked our group if everyone was ok using bacon or not – – to which I said I would prefer not to. So my partner and I decided to skip the bacon but came up with an alternative to use for flavoring: we used sun-dried tomatoes and also a bit of soy bacon (though I would have been fine without it). The pasta making was a great experience! – – each pair of students pressed and cut their own, and our final dish came out great with the fresh chopped parsley, fresh grated Parmesan, and yumminess of deglazing our pan with white wine. Great time!

Still delish with no bacon!


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