Resistance 1

Today I shared with a certain family member my journey into eating foods that don’t include animal meat. The response I got was less than supportive . . . “oh what are you doing that for? you eat healthy enough, you don’t need to do that too. I don’t think you should/need to do that.”

My gut feeling was to defend myself, but I resisted . . . and just let this person have their podium, so to speak…. since I realized I didn’t need to defend, nor did I really want to when someone is being quite defensive…. I realized for me that the only one who really matters with this is me. I’m ok with this journey I’m exploring .  But it sure can take you back when a response like this comes at you.

I suppose like anything new there will be some kinks to work out as you go along – situations faced in order to handle in a new way.

But I must say it rattled me a bit – and I then start to question myself, etc. My reason for doing so was to sort of “prep” for some upcoming family time together. Funny how some from my family can be a bit condescending (perhaps knowing it or not knowing it)! Anyhow, it’s good to get that out . . .

And I realize once again the concept of  “the mirror” – – and even projection.  Perhaps something I do or say results in a “twinge” in someone else – it’s like you are their mirror and we get to see the face of something they can’t seem to see for themselves.

So when I spoke with yet another family member tonight on the same topic, part of me sort of expected a similar response, yet I was pleasantly surprised that not only was it not negative, it was incredibly supportive. This family member offered some ideas for recipes they’ve tried and also some sample combos that worked for them. Really, I sighed a breath of relief . . . this reflection was much nicer! Which leads me to another point, the same statement can lead to very different responses from different people!

So I must continue to remind myself: beware of taking certain negative reactions of others on as my fault/responsibility,  or an indication I’m flawed in some way. I’ve been tempted and have responded that way too often in other situations and it’s not necessary. For me, I’m finding the best way to find that healthy separation and boundary is to be curious, be calm,  be open to considerations yet confident in my choices and that I can manage, allow others their own opinions (with no need on my part to freak out loud – LOL) and be a support for myself. Well, this was a great practice ground for me to do just that, so for this I am grateful.  Funny that something that wasn’t even there (meat) allowed me this opportunity to grow.


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  1. Really!?
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 21:32:09

    Nice! New journey…it’s for you. No one else!


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