Adding Protein

Tonight I had some fun trying some new things and it all involved some beans. But beans with pizza? Beans with mashed potatoes? Yes, believe it or not, and it all started with my desire to add some protein to some items in a way that may not be too noticeable.

Gotta love the healthy disclaimer!

So tonight I started with these “Great Northern Beans”.  Beans are a pretty good source of plant protein – – 7gm per 1/2 cup serving – –  and along with that they are pretty much fat-free, pack just as much fiber (7gm/serving) and give 8% iron, 4% calcium, and a couple other nutrients – while being void of saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar. While this canned variety did have some sodium in them I drained and rinsed them so that reduced the sodium but still left some flavor.

Then I put the rinsed beans in my food processor along with a couple good dashes of garlic powder and pureed the heck out of them. I also added a touch of olive oil to add a bit of moisture. These awaited my potatoes to boil and my pizza crust to pre-bake (this too I whipped up in my food processor).

Beans have now been pureed.

Once the potatoes were cooked and drained I added about 3/4 of the bean-garlic puree along with some butter, a splash of milk and a bunch of chopped fresh cilantro. They tasted great, and my son approved of the flavor too!  He knew I had pureed up the beans but didn’t really know I added them to the potatoes.  I don’t think he minded since he was liking the flavor. Usually he’s not a big fan of any bean but these were mixed in well. The result – good tasting with a protein bonus!

Yummy protein potatoes!

Now on to pizza – I par-baked the dough for 6 minutes then took it out and added the remaining garlic-bean puree to the top of the crust. If you look closely at the picture below you can see it on the crust – it blended in quite nicely and added a nice garlic flavor.

Look again, there's beans here!

Then on top of that came all the veggie toppings and cheese – yum.

The pizza was quite tasty and there really was no indication there were beans on this pizza except for the garlic taste that was added when I pureed them. I’m glad I tried these ideas out!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Really!?
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 18:30:12

    Ok- I’m all for vegetarian…but you lost me at beans. 🙂


  2. takeawayfortoday
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 19:32:35

    Ha ha – – I wish this could have been reversed – – a taste test first and then reveal the recipe and new ingredient addition (beans!). Beans are a great way to add protein, especially being an athlete for those post workout recovery sessions – and they have more nutrients and fiber, and are fat-free. When they’re pureed and added in by this method they also provide a culinary component!


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