The journey continues

So here I am – a couple months later and still meatless. I’m actually pretty amazed just how easy it’s been for me to not even desire eating meat – while at the same time filling that spot with plant-based protein dishes. I continue to expand my horizons for learning and cooking up some new things. Heck, even my son is enjoying some new dishes at home with me.  This has been a surprise benefit for me too! Recently tried a vegan restaurant and it was tasty to try some samples of things there. One of my friends recently said, “you still doing that vegetarian thing?”  to which I chuckled to myself. It’s all good.   So next on my list: finding and trying some new ingredients that I see pop up in recipes here and there.  Items like miso paste (yellow in particular), kelp flakes, nutritional yeast, tofu that’s silken, and some others; well they all sounds a bit foreign, and I’m guessing many of my friends would think the same!  Yet one of my main goals too is to test out some new recipes (tasty and broad appeal a must and vegan) and decide which ones are keepers. And why am I doing this?  I’m seeing that it’s possible to eat well this way while supporting the environment, animal welfare and the health of ourselves while expanding my learning. Sounds good to me.


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