My FIRST triathlon!

July 14, 2012 Amesbury, MA Sprint Dam Triathlon:  1/2 mile swim, 12.3 mile bike, 3.2 mile run. Great experience and I’m so happy to have trained well, pushed hard and had wonderful people supporting me! Here are some pictures from the day along with my final results!

Here I am at 6:30am, setting up my gear in the swim/bike/run transition area (and I still don’t know how I’m able to get all that hair under a swim cap!)

Here I am with a couple of my regular work colleague training partners, and these women rock it!  Our swim wave was soon to begin and groups of swimmers went out every 3 minutes.

This is the lake where the swim was to take place. Notice the orange buoys in the top corners – this shows the ½ mile swim course: swam out to the right one, then turn left to the other one and then back to shore = 1/2 mile swim.
Here is the beginning of my swim wave (and there I am at the top out in front, as I got into the competitive spirit of the moment). Well apparently this was a classic “newbie” mistake, not only to start out too fast but to start out in the middle of the pack. I got out there about 100 yards or so and found I needed to catch my breath by doing a bit of doggie paddle while thinking to myself, “what did you do? You didn’t do this in practice swims!” But soon enough I was able to catch my breath and got into a regular crawl and did fine the rest of the way. Feedback I received after the event: hang off to the side of your swim wave, not the middle, and keep a consistent pace.

Swim is done, now there I go – running out of the transition area with the bike to begin the 12.3 mile bike course. Everything was wet from the swim but that helped  to keep me cool and keep the transition time less.
Here I am completing the 5K run portion at the end (after completing the 12.3 mile bike course) and this was at the last hill, just a short corner until the finish line!

At the race completion – I got my DAM triathlon water bottle!

And here I am with my bike – what a great investment this has been; rides like a charm! This picture was after the event was completed – my hair had gone from big to wet to now this partial big, LOL. So fun!

And a final pose – with my numbers (written in permanent ink at the beginning) – bib number 105 and age 46!

Final time of 1:27:50 – I am happy with that! In my age division (45-49) I got 10th place (out of 27 in that division). The weather that day was very warm yet we were blessed with an overcast sky to help keep the extreme heat away. My swim wave started at 8:20am and went on from there to the bike then run. Here is a breakdown of my total time:

1/2 mile swim – 14:56
T1 – 2:10
13.2 mile bike – 42:28 (with several hills!) works out to be a 17.38 MPH average even with the hills!
T2 – 1:49
3.2 mile run – 26:29 (my legs were rubber after getting off the bike but my average pace was 8:28/mile)

A great overall first time experience, for sure!!!! I can now proudly say, I AM A TRIATHLETE!!!


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  1. Renee
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 20:50:11

    Awesome! Amazing! SOOOO proud of you!


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