The journey continues

So here I am – a couple months later and still meatless. I’m actually pretty amazed just how easy it’s been for me to not even desire eating meat – while at the same time filling that spot with plant-based protein dishes. I continue to expand my horizons for learning and cooking up some new things. Heck, even my son is enjoying some new dishes at home with me.  This has been a surprise benefit for me too! Recently tried a vegan restaurant and it was tasty to try some samples of things there. One of my friends recently said, “you still doing that vegetarian thing?”  to which I chuckled to myself. It’s all good.   So next on my list: finding and trying some new ingredients that I see pop up in recipes here and there.  Items like miso paste (yellow in particular), kelp flakes, nutritional yeast, tofu that’s silken, and some others; well they all sounds a bit foreign, and I’m guessing many of my friends would think the same!  Yet one of my main goals too is to test out some new recipes (tasty and broad appeal a must and vegan) and decide which ones are keepers. And why am I doing this?  I’m seeing that it’s possible to eat well this way while supporting the environment, animal welfare and the health of ourselves while expanding my learning. Sounds good to me.


Need a Plan

So I’ve been doing pretty well with not eating meat for a bit now. Surprisingly I haven’t had cravings .  It helps too that I work at a university and the dining halls have lots of choices of foods and also vegan stations – so this is quite helpful during the day while I’m at work.

At home it’s been going pretty good too. My youngest son is aware that I’m on this exploration journey with eating and he’s been curious about it and we’ve had some topic discussions. Yet right now my refrigerator is pretty much empty at the moment, with the exception of a bunch of fresh cilantro, a green pepper, bag of whole carrots and a couple of other random things.  So I find myself thinking, what to eat/buy/prepare/etc next?  Besides eating to alleviate hunger where will I get adequate protein, calcium, iron, etc. I feel some sort of plan is in order – – yet my day today is pretty darn full at the moment.

I did try a recipe recently – – – a warm black eyed pea salad with a homemade dressing and that was pretty good. But that is since gone.  What to buy now for food?  What are some good and quick staples to have on hand at home?  These are the things that I’ll need to play around with!

Tonight I’m picking up the DVD, “Forks Over Knives” at the bookstore and hope to view it with my son tonight (check the website for the trailer). I was thinking I could stop at Chipotle and pick up a couple burritos for my boy and I – – then I wondered, my son likes the pork burrito; do I get him one or another without the meat?  I don’t want to force my eating choices on him but I wonder if he’d feel bad that I got it for him since he knows I’m not eating meat . . .  ahh, this too is part of the journey…considering all the questions.  I’ll figure it out! 

Take away for today: a plan of action seems to be a good course of action; just keep moving forward – and for this week I’ll start with setting a couple simple goals:
1. Determine some simple staples to get and have on hand that are plant-based and desirable to anyone in my home.
2. Review some cookbooks for some things to try this week.
3. Get some feedback from friends who have some plant-based cooking and staples tips!!!!!

Peace all,